Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Other industries

Service tools for other industries

5. The bernfixx® Cutting & Welding Device minimizes the risk of cutting errors on site with prefabricated lengths, and can also be used as a simple alternative to the mechanical clamping device for the endless welding of narrow belts (width = 300 to max. 500 mm).

6. The bernfixx® Hot Bonding Device makes it possible to permanently repair damaged or worn v-ropes. It is available in various different lengths.

7. The bernfixx® Mechanical Clamping Device ensures perfect clamping of belt ends to avoid gaps and misalignment of belts for all branches of industry.

8. The Large bernfixx® Repair Set includes a complete set of tools both for carrying out manual repairs and also for use with a clamping device, cutting and welding equipment or a patching tool.

9. The Small bernfixx® Repair Set includes all the tools necessary for simple, fast emergency repairs.