Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Rubber and plastics

Steel belts for rubber and plastic products

Steel belts mainly used in rotocure presses for the production of rubber and plastic sheets are exposed to extreme mechanical stress. Therefore they need to meet high demands regarding fatigue strength, tolerances and life span.

The special steel qualities NC52.6 and NC62.5 from Berndorf Band come up to these expectations. Furthermore, spirally welded steel belts were developed by Berndorf Band. Due to the unique patented spiral design there is, especially for wide belts no need for a longitudinal and a cross welding seam. This fact has a major positive influence to tolerances and life span of steel belts.

The well proven steel qualities NC12.1 and NC31 from Berndorf Band are installed in numerous cooling lines for rubber production.

Berndorf Band belts excel itself in superior surface quality resulting in high quality final products.